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Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Yes! Some would argue that neurofeedback therapy is a much safer option than medication due to few the few side effects neurofeedback has and longevity of positive results clients see. While medication alters the amounts of targeted neurotransmitters in the brain, often in ways that negatively impact other parts of the body such as your sex drive, skin, weight, etc…neurofeedback may only offer slight agitation that fades off in 24 hours or a minor headache.

Neurofeedback (which differs from biofeedback), teaches the brain to self regulate over time. Your brain has electrical activity (which is related to blood flow, hormone production, neuronal connections - basically, everything) and the way in which the electrical impulses continually fire can affect the way you feel. Neurofeedback gently teaches these electrical signals to work out of “stuck” patterns that no longer serve you (think historical trauma) and instead work into more positive patterns of self regulation.

Your brain and body are designed to self regulate. Neurofeedback takes the complexity of your brain and teaches it to work more efficiently on it’s own. There is no inputting of information, taking a substance to alter activity (hello, medication) which can have some less than desirable side effects.

Is Neurofeedback Safe? Common Fears Debunked

We get it, working on the brain can be scary! We’re here to let you know that neurofeedback is both safe and effective. As practitioners in the field, we commonly hear… “Are you inputting data into my brain?” or “Will neurofeedback change my personality?”

Nope and nope!

We are not inputting anything into the brain. Neurofeedback offers a stimulus, such as a sound like a “ding” in response to your brain doing what we need it to do on it’s own. Your brain is designed to like stimulus, therefore it realizes if it continues to self regulate it will receive more positive feedback. No data is being inputted, just stimulus offered.

To further soothe your worries, your personality will not change. Neurofeedback offers your brain and nervous system a chance to calm down so that self regulation tactics associated with calming effects can take place. Essentially, your brain is being taken out of a fight or flight pattern, a drowsy pattern or whatever else is learned from your qEEG brain Map so it can learn it’s own healthy level of baseline functioning that is unique to you.

How to Find A Neurofeedback Practitioner in Denver

All neurofeedback is not created equally. Both the professional conducting sessions and the device used matter! To speak with a licensed neurofeedback therapist in Denver on whether you are a good candidate for neurofeedback, check out www.connectedbraincounseling or submit an inquiry form directly here.

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