Dating Therapy in Denver

Navigate dating in Denver with dating therapy from a licensed professional counselor

"When we are truly ready for love, we don't tolerate people who aren't ready to meet us there."
- Mark Groves

Dating Therapy in Denver

As therapists in Denver for women, we hear all of the stressful stories clients have regarding their dating experiences in Denver. We recognize the emotional toll that trying to find a partner can have on an individual. Our team of licensed therapists offer dating therapy to help you navigate the Denver dating scene with support. Whether you are in the early stages of dating or struggling with an already established relationship, our experienced professionals are here to help you discover how to maximize your potential in finding, developing and maintaining lasting, healthy and fulfilling relationships.

What is Dating Therapy?

In dating therapy, you can expect to explore themes that occurred in past relationships, delve into your attachment style and understand what you are looking for from a partner in future relationships. We believe that the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship starts with a healthy relationship with yourself. You'll cultivate a deeper understanding of who you are in order to best understand what qualities you may want to seek out in a partner to have the stability and love you deserve.

Relationship Counseling for Singles

Dating therapy can look different depending on the stage of life you are in. 


  • Dating Coaching – Individualized guidance and support for finding, creating and maintaining successful, meaningful relationships.

  • Pre-Marital Counseling – A tailored counseling program for those planning to enter into marriage to ensure healthy and successful marriages. Learn more here!

  • Relationship Enhancement – Tips and strategies to strengthen already established relationships

  • Love Recovery – Resources and individual support to aid in the recovery process of relationships that ended on a painful or hurtful note.

Build Your Self Esteem

Do you find that self-esteem takes a hit when it comes to the Denver dating scene? That’s not unusual! A lot of people come to us feeling frustrated with low self esteem.

Our counseling approach can help you build confidence in yourself and gain perspective in your romantic endeavors. You can expect your therapist to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment in which you can talk about dating fears, difficulties, and hopes for the future.

Our experienced therapists have the training and tools to help you develop better communication skills, explore the meaning of your dating experiences, and work through challenging moments that may occur in your search for meaningful relationships.

Let's get started

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