Corporate qEEG Brain Mapping in Denver Colorado

Optimize employee self awareness and performance by understanding brain activity

Optimize performance in the workplace

Strengthen personal awareness from a data driven perspective

Retain employees through improving their mental health

​How would your business grow if your team had personalized, data-driven knowledge of their brain's strengths and weaknesses?

Optimizing employee efficiency and productivity is more crucial for the success and growth of a business now that it has historically ever been.

Businesses feel the pressure to support their team’s mental health, however therapy and medication aren’t always the right options for improving mental health.

What is Brain Mapping Therapy?

Brain Mapping offers you and your team immensely valuable, personal insights to their brainwave activity.This data driven perspective takes the guessing out of understanding strengths, weaknesses and unique features of personalities based on brainwave data.

A Brain Map, or QEEG, reads baseline electrical activity on the surface of the skull. This data is processed and reviewed to help your staff understand patterns of anxiety, stress and trauma. Awareness into these topics will help prevent burnout and can offer customized treatment plans to heal inefficient patterns.

What will my team learn from their customized brain map?

Your qEEG Brain Map gives you detailed insight to your brain’s unique strengths and points of growth. You can expect to learn:

  • If your brain’s processing speed is fast, slow or average for someone your age and gender. Understanding this will lend to valuable insight on how quickly or slowly someone should speak to you in order for you to best retain their information.​​
  • If you are more logical/analytical or emotional in your ability to process information
  • If your brain is trending toward burnout from excessive stress (current or historical) and what we can do to address this now
  • If you have overthinking and/or rigid OCD tendencies and how to manage these overactive thought patterns in the workplace
  • If previous head injuries, both major and minor, are contributing to brain fog, depression or a lack of ability to harness full motivation
  • If you thrive in a more introverted or extroverted environment
  • If emotional reactions feel bigger for you compared to the average individual and how to calm the emotional brain to access logical thought processing in the workplace
  • Insight to other employees in the workplace that are both similar and different than yours. This Information as a group will help you understand how to best communicate with your colleagues and improve team cohesiveness
  • Supplements and holistic alternatives to medication such as neurofeedback that can help you optimize brain health and reach peak productivity and performance inside and outside of the workplace

Your Company's Best Kept Secret

Offering your staff personalized insight to their brain and the tools to improve their functioning not only increases their personal confidence, but it will improve your bottom line as well. 

Retaining high performing clients who feel mentally supported by their business is of the utmost importance.

We cover topics such as productivity, focus, performance anxiety, motivation, burnout and more to teach both you and your staff how to find their optimal performance levels based on unique brainwave activity. 

Think of Corporate Brain Mapping as a therapeutic, deeply insightful intervention that requires little to no talking from your employee and is 100% backed by scientific data.​ 

For those employees who could benefit from mental health support but aren’t interested in therapy – qEEG Brain Mapping is the next best step.

Let's get started

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