Counseling Investment

Our team of Master’s level therapists are trauma informed and educated in neurotherapy as well. Our rates are competitive for out of pocket pay in Denver.

Please note that we do not accept insurance and cannot legally see clients who are on medicaid.

We do accept FSA and HSA cards and can provide superbills upon request. 

Discounts offered for actively practicing mental health providers. Learn more here.

Individual Counseling

$135+/ 50 minutes

Couples Counseling

$150+ / 60 minutes

Family Counseling

$150+ / 60 minutes

$ 225+ / 90 minutes

EMDR Session

$180+ / 90 minutes

Neurofeedback + qEEG Brain Map Investment

Every Neurofeedback program is required to start with a 45 minute qEEG Brain Mapping Session. This allows your clinician to understand what is going on at a baseline level of activity in the brain and guides your neurofeedback program.

The length of your neurofeedback program is customized based on findings from your qEEG Brain Map, though we estimate 40-60 sessions for most clients. 

Most of our clients complete a neurofeedback program in conjunction with therapy. We recommend starting with two neurofeedback sessions a week + one counseling session a week. Clients may taper down on counseling sessions midway through their neurofeedback program as they feel more regulated. 

qEEG Brain Map


Includes a one hour data collection session + one hour review with a Licensed Clinical Therapist 

Neurofeedback Package

$950 / 10 sessions

Take advantage of $10 off of each session when you purchase a 10 pack in advance

One Neurofeedback Session

$105 / 30 minute session

Ideal for maintenance after your program ends!

Remote Neurofeedback Rental Fee

$700 / month

*Laptops are available to rent for an additional fee. Security deposit for all equipment required.

Discounts for Mental Health Providers

We recognize that burnout rates for those working in mental health are unfortunately high. Our team prides itself on taking care of actively practicing mental health providers by making our services more financially accessible. Set up a consult below to learn more about discounted rates. Proof of licensure and active employment is required. 

Take the Next Step

Ready to get started with Neurofeedback or Counseling? Your first step is to schedule a free consultation with a licensed clinician. This time is used to see if Neurofeedback is a good fit for you, or to find the right counselor on our team for your mental health goals! 

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