Migraine and Headache Treatment in Denver

Neurofeedback therapy for migraine and headaches in Denver

Connected Brain Counseling's team of licensed therapists offer neurofeedback therapy for migraine and headache relief in Denver

qEEG Brain Mapping for Migraines

The Link Between Stress and Migraines​ ​ We treat migraines from a systemic viewpoint, knowing that stress is one of the most commonly reported triggers for migraine onset. Our team of neurofeedback clinicians are skilled and eqipped to manage your migraine symptoms through a comprehensive neurofeedback program. Prior to treating migraines with Neurofeedback therapy, it is important to understand how and where migraines are stemming from in the brain. A qEEG Brain Map is required for all neurofeedback programs as an initial assessment to inform your clinician of what parts of the brain need to be trained in order to give you migraine symptom relief. ​ Connected Brain Counseling specializes in women's mental health including on issues regarding stress and historical trauma. ​ We recognize that many clinicians treat migraines without taking into account the daily stressors or traumas that may be impacting migraines, leaving you without results and feeling hopeless. If this resonates for you, we suggest you start your mental health journey with a qEEG Brain Map in order to understand your unique link between stress and migraine symptoms.

Neurofeedback Therapy for Migraine and Headache Relief

Neurofeedback therapy is a brain wave therapy that can help train your brain release reinforced patterns that are contributing to migraines. When appropriate, counseling can also help you understand why stress and trauma patterns are sticking around in your day to day life and leading to migraine onset. The combination of these two modalities will give you fewer migraines and a more regulated nervous system. ​ Whether you grew up in a chaotic environment that left you hypervigilant or had a head injury that is now negatively impacting your day to day life, Neurofeedback and qEEG Brain Mapping can help you understand how your brain is holding onto patterns that cause you to experience migraines and headaches. ​ Neurofeedback therapy, often referred to as brain wave therapy, helps regulate the nervous system which then empowers your brain to lean on new electrical patterns that are trained throughout your program. It is a passive intervention that does not require talking and most clients find relaxing. ​ Neurofeedback Therapy Side Effects​ ​ Neurofeedback therapy is incredibly safe and effective in treating migraines with minimal side effects. It is safe for children and adults of all ages with a wide variety of symptoms as it relies on the natural mechanisms of the brain rather than inputting a drug or stimulus as some other therapies do. Many clients who come in with a migraine will leave their session with symptom relief. You can learn more about neurofeedback therapy for migraine and headache relief here where a 2011 study calls neurofeedback "dramatically effective" at treating migraines.

A Safe and Natural Alternative to Medication for Mental Health Symptoms

There are very few side effects to Neurofeedback and most have minimal impact. Some clients experience minor headaches, agitation or sleepiness in the 24 hours following a session. This is due to the brain acclimating to a new way of taking information in, and not all clients can expect to feel dysregulated. However, most clients actually leave sessions feeling relaxed and more calm than they do walking in to session. We equate it to the sensation you get after acupuncture or a light massage. Neurofeedback can be used to buffer the intensity of difficult side effects of medication, and some clients use it to compliment their medication. Neurofeedback should not be used as a replacement for medication as it does not work on the brain in the same way. Do not stop or change any medications or other medical treatments without consulting your physician. Please schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your symptoms and see if Neurofeedback can be utilized as an additional source of support for you.

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