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Specializing in Womens' Mental Health

Womens' mental health is our specialty.

With over 80% of our practice being devoted to women who have experienced trauma, we know a thing or two about how your brain as a woman works. Whether you have anxiety that is keeping you up at night, brain fog, hypervigalence, codependent relationships, a hard time focusing, or just a hard time feeling the joy you desire...we are confident in our ability to help you feel more like, well, you!

Modern options for mental health,
without medication.

We understand that mental health is complex. Connected Brain Counseling for Individuals & Couples + Neurofeedback offers a holistic approach to mental health by offering both counseling and neurofeedback under one roof. With proven results in treating trauma, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia and more - we are excited to chat with you about how to best alleviate your mental health struggles. 

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*Please note we do not accept insurance at this time. 

We do accept FSA and HSA cards and offer Superbills.


What our clients say

"I would highly recommend working with Michela. After a number of traumatic events several years ago, I suffered bouts of anxiety and PTSD. Recently, I began having headaches and found myself tired a lot, even when getting what should have been enough sleep.


Michela completed a brain map, which showed scientifically what was happening to cause these symptoms. It was enlightening and validating; it made me feel less crazy and gave me a clear pathway forward. I am halfway through my neurofeedback training program, and quickly noticed increased energy levels, faster processing and the ability to slow down my anxiety."


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Whether you are seeking neurofeedback, individual counseling or couples counseling - we would love to talk with you.

The Connected Brain Counseling Process

What to expect from your time with us, broken down into 5 clear steps.

The science

Understand the research on QEEG Brain Maps, Neurofeedback and the science behind  counseling.


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