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Neurofeedback and Counseling in Denver

Connected Brain Counseling is a team of licensed counselors who understand how your brain works. We are passionate about offering a multi-modal approach to mental health healing.

We have two locations in Denver - Sloan's Lake and The Highlands.

Modern options for mental health without medication.

As your brain changes, your mind changes. And as your mind changes, your brain changes. 

Dr Rick Hanson

You may be feeling like counseling is helpful, but want more than a therapist to reflect your feelings. And we get it, mental health is complex! Connected Brain Counseling for Individuals & Couples + Neurofeedback offers a holistic approach to mental health.


With proven results in treating trauma, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia and more - we help people who want more than basic counseling reach their full potential.

Womens' mental health is our specialty.

With over 80% of our practice being devoted to women who have experienced trauma, we know a thing or two about your brain works. Whether you have anxiety that is keeping you up at night, brain fog, hyper vigilance, codependent relationships, a hard time focusing or just a hard time feeling the joy you desire...we are confident in our ability to help you feel more like yourself again.


We use neurofeedback therapy and counseling to address the following issues that frequently affect womens' mental health

Sexual Assault and Abuse

1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. We are ready to hold space and listen to your story.


What our clients say

"After a number of traumatic events several years ago, I suffered bouts of anxiety and PTSD. Recently, I began having headaches and found myself tired a lot, even when getting what should have been enough sleep.