Counseling for Postpartum Depression

Counseling and neurofeedback therapy in Denver for postpartum depression/anxiety and infertility 

You May Experience

Anxiety and Depression After Giving Birth

New Relationship Stressors

Struggles with a Changing Identity

Connected Brain Counseling offers neurofeedback therapy for PPD (Postpartum Depression), infertility and all mental health struggles that involve being a new mom Denver Colorado

Counseling in Denver for Postpartum Depression

Let's Normalize How Challenging Motherhood Can Be!

We believe that women hold an inherently beautiful power both mentally and physically. It is normal to feel overwhelming, anxious, depressed and stressed postpartum – and as a new (or reoccurring) mom – you deserve support! Connected Brain Counseling prides itself on giving new moms a space to explore the emotions come up when you adopt the new title of “mom”.

Life Changes Are Inevitable and Intense

Not only does your identity change in motherhood, but the relationship with your partner may change. Your financial situation will likely change. How you view your body will change. Sleep will change. How you view your mom may change. The list goes on! For many people, change is jolting to the nervous system and brings up historic stressors as well. Our team of licensed therapists understand how to work with new moms and all of the intensity and beauty motherhood brings. 

We Will Build Resiliency Together

We offer evidence-based care for postpartum depression, anxiety and all things fertility. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, or having difficulty coping, we are here to help you transition and grow through this challenging period.

We recognize that each person has unique strengths, challenges and changes when it comes to welcoming a newborn home. We focus on building resiliency and utilizing effective evidence-based interventions to address issues such as sleep deprivation, postpartum depression and anxiety, parenting struggles, life transitions, relationship challenges, and postpartum-related trauma.

Exploring Your Evolving Identity

Our style of counseling is trauma-informed and woman-centered, meaning we meet women where they are at in their journey. We are committed to creating an affirming, understanding, and validating environment to ensure a sense of safety and comfort through your transition to motherhood. Together, we will navigate the often overwhelming parts of motherhood including postpartum depression and anxiety.

Neurofeedback As An Alternative to Medication for Postpartum Depression

Neurofeedback is a safe, holistic form of treatment for depression and anxiety as it works with your brain’s natural functions. By encouraging neuroplasticity, clients can expect to feel a greater sense of control over impulsivity and regulation within the nervous system. 

Most clients leave sessions feeling relaxed and calm. Over time, the small changes that neurofeedback promotes compile and create lasting changes. Connected Brain Counseling’s clients self report a reduction in symptoms between 30-70% over the course of their program with the majority of our clients seeing a 20% reduction in symptom severity just the first 10-15 sessions. 

Are There Side Effects of Neurofeedback Therapy for PPD

Side effects from neurofeedback are uncommon with Connected Brain Counseling, though clients sometimes will report a minor headache or agitation following the session that usually subsides within the next 24 hours. 

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