Premarital Counseling in Denver CO

A more structured approach to couples counseling that engages couples in conversations around finances, sex, communication styles and more to set a healthy foundation for a successful marriage.


Requests for premarital counseling are steadily increasing as we notice new generations of marriage wanting to increase connection prior to commitment.
Connected Brain Counseling has passionate pre-marriage counselors in Denver by guiding couples through the tough conversations they know they need to have…and some they may not have thought of, too.

Premarital Counseling in Denver CO

Our pre engagement and pre marital therapy program in Denver consists of the following parts:

12 Sessions Over 3 Months

60 minute sessions paid weekly at $150 / session

Individual & Couples Counseling

Expect to meet as a couple for the majority of your sessions with 1 individual session each

Homework Assigned

Consistency outside of session will have a deeper impact on the quality of your relationship

Explore Topics Such As

Attachment Styles

Anxious, avoidant and everything in between. Quizzes included!


Breakdown patterns of communication that are getting in the way of closeness.


Do you know what your partner's ideal spending habits are for the future?

Physical Intimacy

Frequency, love languages & sexual exploration. Nothing is off the table.

Roles & Goals

1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals to keep your relationship accountable.


Couples have the option to add on qEEG Brain Maps to better understand the unique functioning of each other’s brains at a discounted rate (when participating in the premarital counseling in Denver CO).

We Pull From Relational Life Therapy

Our style of Couples Counseling is based in Terry Reals’ Relational Life Therapy (RLT). We focus on attachment styles, understanding gender constructs, actively teaching your partner how to respond to you in real time and how to gently encourage deeper connection each and every session.
In session, you can expect direct communication from our pre-marriage counselor that is coated in empathy and grace for the relationship. There is no one size fits all to couples counseling so we encourage you to communicate with your therapist on what works for you (and what doesn’t!) so you can get the most out of your time in couples counseling.

Let's get started

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