Eating Disorder Therapy in Denver

Counseling and Neurofeedback Therapy for Eating Disorders in Denver

You May Experience

Obsessive Food Thoughts

Negative Body Image

Excessive Control Toward Food

Connected Brain Counseling's team of licensed therapists offer counseling and neurofeedback therapy for eating disorders in Denver Colorado

Neurofeedback and qEEG Brain Mapping for Eating Disorders

qEEG Brain Mapping for Eating Disorders

A Healthy Body Starts with a Healthy Brain

We believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy brain. Our team of specialists approach disordered eating and body image issues with a multi-modal approach of counseling and neurofeedback. If you are struggling with disordered eating and body image, we are here for you.

Prior to treating eating disorders with Neurofeedback therapy, it is important to understand how the brain is over functioning or under functioning and contributing to disordered eating. Whether you have symptoms of OCD, PTSD or other disorders that contribute to disordered eating, a qEEG Brain Map will inform your Neurofeedback Clinician on how to best design your treatment program. 

Connected Brain Counseling specializes in women’s mental health including on issues regarding disordered eating and negative body image that impacts the quality of your life. ​ Despite attempts to let go of obsessive food thoughts and hyper-focus on your body/weight, you may find yourself needing extra support.  If this resonates for you, we suggest you start your mental health journey with a qEEG Brain Map.

Neurofeedback Therapy for Eating Disorders

Neurofeedback therapy is a brain wave therapy that can help train your brain release the perceived control it has over food and weight. Counseling can help you understand why it was so important for you to obsess over food and weight in the first place. The combination of these two modalities will give you freedom and peace around your relationship to food and body image.

Whether you grew up in a chaotic environment that encouraged unhealthy eating habits, or maybe you developed a negative self image from an older age, Neurofeedback and qEEG Brain Mapping can help you understand how your brain is holding onto patterns that cause you to obsess over food.

Neurofeedback therapy, often referred to as brain wave therapy, helps regulate the nervous system which then empowers you to make more mindful, intentional decisions around food. It requires the active participation and motivation of the client to move past their eating disorder into a more fulfilled relationship with food and their body.

Neurofeedback Therapy Side Effects​

Neurofeedback therapy is incredibly safe and effective in treating eating disorders with minimal side effects. At the most, clients will feel a headache or slight agitation that disappears within 24-48 hours of the session. You can learn more about neurofeedback therapy side effects on our Neurofeedback Therapy page here.

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Therapy for Eating Disorders in Denver Colorado

Therapists Specializing in Eating Disorders Denver

Feeling enslaved to your body and weight are unfortunately common experiences for women. We are here to tell you that there is freedom in letting go of the extreme attachment you may have to how your body looks.

Connected Brain Counseling’s team of specialists are skilled in counseling for eating disorders. We take an empirically backed approach to eating disorder treatment and have the results to prove it! Our clients report a significant decrease in impulsivity around food, the ability to make more mindful decisions and a more gentle internal voice after working with us. Sounds nice, doesn’t it!?

Research shows that one of the most effective forms of therapy for eating disorders incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. Our team of specialists are trained in CBT modalities and also may pull from inner child work, IFS, narrative therapy and motivational interviewing. We understand that counseling is not a one size fits all approach and multiple modalities may best serve an individual based on responsiveness and feedback. 

Where Do Eating Disorders Come From?

Eating Disorders stem from both genetics and environmental factors. Biological factors such as hormones play a role in the development of eating disorders, however environmental factors such as trauma and consistent exposure to images of excessively thin women in the media also impact disordered eating. 

Connected Brain Counseling takes a bio-psycho-social approach to treating eating disorders by looking at not only an individual’s unique life history, but also their family structure and external factors that can lead to a negative relationship with food. ​

By treating the brain for eating disorders with neurofeedback therapy, it is not uncommon for clients to notice improvements in other areas of their lives. Addictive behaviors, anxiety, depression and other behavioral disorders may also be positively impacted by neurofeedback therapy. 

Body Image Counseling in Denver

If therapy for eating disorders doesn’t specifically resonate with you, we get it! Body image counseling, counseling for body dysmorphia in Denver and therapy for eating disorders all take different approaches to mental healing. 

Our relationships with our bodies, and therefore our body images, evolve over time. Hormones, age, friendships, relationships, media exposure…all of these factors affect the way you look at your body.

Our team specializes in adult women’s mental health issues which can often come with body image issues. Body image counseling in Denver has proven results and can help ease stress in other areas of your life, too! 

Body Dysmorphia Therapy in Denver

Body Dysmorphia diagnoses are on the rise as the term becomes more understood by society as being a clinical diagnosis that require therapy and other forms of mental health care. 

Connected Brain Counseling utilizes CBT and other empirically backed modalities as a team of therapists for body dysmorphia in Dener. For those who are new to body dysmorphia therapy, we suggest maintaining a consistent schedule in therapy and creating an honest, connected relationship with your therapist to get the most out of body dysmorphia therapy.

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