Empowering. Genuine. Empirically Backed Counseling.

We believe therapy should have you leaving the room feeling lighter and empowered. Our approach to therapy and neurofeedback incorporates scientifically backed modalities and research from qEEG Brain Maps into the room each time you visit. Working with our clinicians you can expect to feel heard, while also gently encouraged to create the changes you desire. 

Owner of Connected Brain Counseling
Individual & Couples Psychotherapist, MA LPCC RLT  Neurofeedback Clinician 

Specializes in Women's Mental Health, Codependency, PTSD, Self Esteem, Neurocounseling & Couples Counseling 

Michela believes in a well rounded, integrative approach to mental health. By utilizing two modalities, neurofeedback and talk therapy, as a unique intervention to mental health issues, Michela has assisted clients with achieving long term change in behavior and thought processes that no longer serve them.


Michela's style of counseling fosters a space for clients to honestly explore themselves while also trusting there is an organized, empirically backed plan for healing simmering in the background. She is gently encouraging and veers away from the "cookie cutter" approach to talk therapy by bringing authenticity and empowerment into the room.  She is passionate about working with women and supporting them on their unique journey to self connection. 

Whether it be historical trauma, current stressors or achieving optimal brain functioning, Michela prides herself on helping with PTSD, anxiety, depression, disordered eating and TBI with neurofeedback clients seeing an average of 30-70% reduction in symptom severity over the course of their time working with her. 

In her spare time, you may find Michela teaching group fitness classes throughout Denver, traveling back to her hometown near Lake Tahoe and spending time with her Golden Retriever, Siena. 


Psychotherapist, MA LPCC 

Neurofeedback Clinician 

Specializes in eating disorders, perfectionism, childhood trauma, PTSD, domestic violence and grief/loss

Sydney’s approach to therapy focuses on seeing, hearing, and accepting her clients exactly as they are. She understands that we are all a product of our experiences, and thus, approaches therapy with a deep empathy and compassion regardless of perceived pitfalls. Sydney has had success helping clients gain insight into the impact of their experiences and using that insight as a tool for change.

She realizes there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to therapy so she has found that drawing from a range of trauma-informed modalities such as Person-Centered, CBT, DBT, ACT, Seeking Safety, and Solution-Focused has been a way to meet the complexities of her client’s needs. Her experience includes working with cases of domestic violence, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and more. Sydney is currently accepting clients for individual therapy.

In her free time, Sydney’s favorite ways to take care of herself include hiking, skiing, thrifting, DIY projects, and spoiling her two cats.






Psychotherapist, MA LPC 

Neurofeedback Clinician 

Specializes in adolescents, attachment, parenting skills, parent-child relationships, life adjustments,  and trauma. 

Macee’s approach to therapy is creating a safe, predictable space for adults and children to express who they are. She believes in using strengths to build self-esteem and resiliency. Macee is compassionate, patient, curious, and gentle with her approach to therapy.  She believes that with processing trauma, focusing on challenging areas of life, and exploring any “stuck” feelings, clients will gain the confidence and skills to make desired changes and increase their own sense of self.

She specializes in trauma (abuse/neglect, specifically in childhood), children of all ages, parents, relationship struggles, attachment, anxiety, depression and life changes/adjustments. When working with adults, Macee draws from different areas of focus such as CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, mindfulness, and more. When working with children, she focuses on using techniques from play therapy, art therapy, bibliotherapy, mindfulness, TF-CBT, and more.

Macee is passionate about meeting each client where they are at, identifying and exploring the root of problems, processing trauma, and gently challenging old habits or ways of thinking.