Rowen Svoboda

Somatic, Health + Body Image Coach | Neurofeedback Clinician

Rowen's Specialties

Working with Rowen and receiving somatic coaching is a little different than talk therapy. Rowen’s approach is to gently address what’s underneath her clients’ symptoms by working in present-time with re-training the nervous system. She also strives to cultivate a high level of attunement to follow her clients’ own innate instinct to heal from difficult life experiences.

A somatic (i.e. body-based mindfulness approach) has been found to be highly effective treatment especially with treatment-resistant conditions. Rowen has found after working with other modalities, that with this approach, clients tend to feel greater relief and regain functioning both in session and at home with gentle and continuous practice.

Rowen is an intuitive and welcoming presence. She holds space for clients to untangle and navigate complex symptoms like issues of identity and trauma, burnout, chronic or unexplained illness, persistent anxiety, depression or insomnia. She provides a lot of support and listening to collaborate with her clients’ own innate healing wisdom.

Rowen is a seasoned guide for complex illness, those who are highly sensitive and women recovering from burn-out. Often there is a core link between feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with early nervous system dysregulation patterns that can lead to complex health issues. Until nervous system dysregulation is addressed, she often hears that her clients have tried everything before experiencing more relief.

She trains extensively in hidden causes of mental health issues, like C-PTSD and early childhood neglect, birth trauma and attachment issues. In a general sense, she supports all of her clients to repattern from adverse experiences and reclaim a core sense of self and safety.

She also serves those who have experienced marginalization due to LGBQIA+ identity and those who have experienced gender bias when seeking medical support.

Rowen integrates body-mind practices, attachment repair, internal family systems, mindfulness and techniques from somatic experiencing. She provides resources for clients to practice at home so relief can be exponential.

Rowen is passionate about the power of truly integrative, compassionate care and spends a lot of her time studying and practicing various modalities with thought-leaders of somatic psychotherapy. Rowen is pursuing licensure as a clinician, after eight years previously working as a registered psychotherapist. In her free time, she can be found off in the woods identifying plants, cherishing friendships, playing the ukulele and enjoying all forms of expressive and movement art.

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