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Female Athlete

 Neurofeedback for Competitive Athletes in Denver

Neurofeedback for Athletic Performance in Denver

Neurofeedback therapy for athletes, also referred to as peak performance training, is rapidly growing in popularity for it's ability to help athletes optimize brain health and reach athletic goals.

Neurofeedback therapy can help manage stress levels, optimize sleep and release old "stuck" patterns that may be getting the way of an athlete's ability to level up. 

Lifting Kettlebells

The Female Athlete's Brain is Complex 

“The propensity to dwell on failure and mistakes, and an inability to shut out the outside world are, in his mind, the biggest psychological impediments for his female players, and they directly affect performance and confidence on the court.” - The Confidence Code

Female Athletes are Our Speciality

The strength of the female brain is impressive - we see it every day! Helping women optimize brain health is our passion. In order to do so, we must look at the brain and the body as two parts of one system. If we don't treat one part of the system, we can expect to suffer the consequences in the other end.

As women, we tend to be harsh on our bodies. And guess what - your brain is listening! The way we treat our bodies directly correlates with the output of energy our bodies will allow us to access during an athletic event.


Neurofeedback helps women optimize brain function, calm their nervous system, resolve historical trauma and reach gamma waves - all without lifting a finger (we thought you'd like that part).

Your Brain Hears How You Speak to Your Body

How Does Neurofeedback for Peak Performance Work?


Complete a qEEG Brain Map to determine where your brain has room to improve


Review your data with a Board Certified Neurofeedback Clinician


Complete 40-60+ Neurofeedback Sessions 2-3x weekly 


Attend "tune up" maintenance sessions after your program is over when your body is under excessive stress as needed

Let's Optimize Your Brain

Schedule a consultation to learn more about neurofeedback for athletes in Denver

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