5 Reasons to See a Postpartum Counselor in Denver

As licensed therapists in Denver specializing in adult women’s mental health issues and trauma…we’re here to tell you: Giving birth is traumatic. And let me back up for a moment. Not only is giving birth traumatic, but hormonal changes can be traumatic. Finding out you’re pregnant can be traumatic. Telling your partner you’re pregnant in […]

Postpartum Therapy at Connected Brain Counseling

Understanding Postpartum Transitions The postpartum period brings a whirlwind of emotions and challenges for new mothers. At Connected Brain Counseling, our postpartum therapy offers a supportive space for mothers to navigate this transformative journey. From adjusting to motherhood to coping with hormonal changes, we provide compassionate guidance and practical strategies to support maternal mental health. […]

How Postpartum Therapy Can Support Your Recovery

Understanding Postpartum Therapy Postpartum therapy provides essential support for new mothers navigating the challenges and adjustments that come with motherhood. At Connected Brain Counseling, we understand the unique emotional and psychological needs that arise during the postpartum period. Our therapy sessions offer a safe and nurturing space for mothers to explore their feelings, address concerns, […]

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