Couples Counseling 101: How to Get Started & Be Successful in Couples Counseling

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Individual Counseling can be intimidating to get started with. As Licensed Professional Counselors, we get it! But Couples Counseling? It can be downright terrifying. Couples Counseling not only asks you to witness yourself in vulnerability, but also to allow your partner and couples counselor to do the same. Putting your relationship out in the open […]

3 Signs You Have an Avoidant Attachment Style

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When it comes to relationships, everyone has their own individual attachment style. While many individuals have an attachment style that is mostly healthy and normal, an avoidant attachment style can lead to feelings of loneliness and not having your needs met. This type of attachment style is characterized by a desire to distance oneself from […]

The Link Between Social Anxiety and Overdrinking

If you suffer from social anxiety, you may find yourself drinking alcohol in social situations in order to feel more at ease. This is a common coping mechanism, but unfortunately, it can be a dangerous one. As a Licensed Clinical Counselor, I see clients using alcohol to ease uncomfortable feelings daily. Here, we will explore […]

How To Respond to Gaslighting: 5 Tips From a Therapist

As a therapist for women in Denver, the term “gaslighting” is used in sessions frequently by clients who feel stressed in a personal relationship. If you’re like me…you had to google this term to make sure you understood it correctly. Often, I see gaslighting coming from individuals who: So you may be asking yourself…what exactly […]

Contempt in Relationships: How To Manage Relationship Stress

In any relationship, contempt can be one of the most damaging emotions. Contempt in relationships can be expressed in a variety of ways, from insults and criticism to body language and verbal abuse. It can be difficult to manage relationship stress when contempt is present, but it’s important to know how to identify examples of […]

Is Your Husband Gaslighting You? 10 Signs of Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which your partner makes you question your own sense of reality. If your husband is engaging in this type of behavior, it’s important to recognize the warning signs before the situation gets worse. As a therapist in Denver Colorado who specializes in trauma therapy for adult women, […]

How Dating Therapy Can Help You Find the Right Relationship in Denver

If you were anything like me in your twenties, navigating the dating world was not sunshine and butterflies. Dating is downright exhausting! The constant give and take of meeting a new prospect in dating takes a lot of energy that can be both overwhelming and confusing. What many people don’t know is that dating therapy […]

Can a Therapist See a Couple Individually?

Couples counseling is an important part of any relationship, and many couples in Denver are turning to therapy to help them work through issues that arise. But what if one of the members of the couple wants to attend therapy sessions individually? Is this an option? In this blog post, we will explore the possibility […]

Why Does My Girlfriend Keep Bringing Up Past Mistakes?

Are you feeling frustrated with your relationship because your girlfriend keeps bringing up past mistakes? It’s a common problem many couples face and can be difficult to overcome without outside help. In this blog post, we will explore why your girlfriend may be bringing up past mistakes and how couples counseling can help you both […]

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