Animal Assisted Therapy

Understanding Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is an innovative form of treatment that utilizes the presence of animals to promote emotional and physical well-being in individuals. At Connected Brain Counseling, we recognize the unique power of the human-animal connection and offer AAT programs designed to help people overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges.

Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

The presence of animals in therapy offers a source of comfort and unconditional support. Animals have an innate ability to reduce stress, improve mood, and promote relaxation. At Connected Brain Counseling, our AAT programs provide clients with the opportunity to interact with support animals, such as trained dogs or cats, to foster emotional connection and enhance overall well-being.

Facilitating Communication and Openness

For many individuals, the presence of an animal in therapy can reduce emotional barriers and facilitate communication. Animals provide a safe and non-threatening environment where clients can express their feelings and share their experiences in a more open and honest way. At Connected Brain Counseling, we use AAT as a powerful tool to foster communication and emotional connection between the client and therapist.

Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond

Interacting with support animals can help build trust and self-esteem in individuals. Through structured activities guided by a therapist, clients can develop social skills, improve self-awareness, and strengthen the bond with the animal. At Connected Brain Counseling, we value the transformative power of the human-animal relationship and incorporate it into our therapeutic approach to promote personal and emotional growth.

Embracing the Healing Power of Animals


AAT not only benefits emotional health but also contributes to physical and spiritual well-being. Interacting with animals can reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels, and improve overall mood. At Connected Brain Counseling, we recognize the importance of addressing holistic well-being and offer AAT programs that promote health and balance in all aspects of our clients’ lives.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, Animal Assisted Therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety in older adults, improving their quality of life and emotional well-being. [Frontiers in Psychology](insert link here)

Discover Animal Assisted Therapy at Connected Brain Counseling

If you’re seeking a unique and effective way to improve your emotional well-being, Animal Assisted Therapy at Connected Brain Counseling may be the answer. Our therapists are trained in AAT techniques and are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for your healing journey. Schedule a free consultation today and discover the healing power of the human-animal connection!

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