Counseling for Women

You don't have to be a woman to understand womens' mental health...but it surely doesn't hurt.

You also don't have to experience extreme trauma to feel the pressures of being a woman in society today. Am I too thin or not thin enough? How do my wrinkles look this morning? Why do I feel guilty about staying at home with my kids? Am I actually happy in my relationship, or do I feel like I am settling? The list goes on.

Our team of female therapists get it, being a woman (and a human!) in modern day society has its ups and downs. For the times where you need extra support, Connected Brain Counseling has your back. Our team is educated and excited on how to help you find peace with your emotions, your hormones, your body, your anxiety, your career path and your relationships. 

Trauma Informed Care

We specialize in trauma informed care for women in counseling while also offering alternatives to medication like neurofeedback. With a well-rounded program at your disposal, our clients reap the benefits of a multi-modal team all under one roof. Neurofeedback and QEEG Brain Mapping help clients understand how trauma has impacted their brain. Whether it was a less than ideal childhood, assault or something less severe - we use QEEG Brain Mapping as a jumping off point for your care with us in counseling or neurofeedback. 

With a no pressure model, our team offers you insight and validation to the ways you have moved through the world and how your brain may still be holding on to undesirable patterns. Neurofeedback in conjunction with counseling is where we see the fastest, most effective results for clients. However, if you are only in need of counseling - we are ready for you as well! 


What to Expect

All of our therapists are masters level psychologists who have experience working with women and trauma along with continued education throughout their licensure. Our style of counseling is empathetic, empowering and gently encouraging all while incorporating empirically backed interventions into session. We pull from a blend of inner child work, narrative therapy, CBT, somatic therapy and motivational interviewing.  Without the confines of insurance panels guiding the types of modalities we can use, our team has the ability to meet you where you are at and pull from a blend of mental health knowledge to best support you. 

Ready to Get Started? 

We offer free 20 minute phone consultations to learn more about your story and see if our services are a good fit for you. Schedule your consultation here. 


Client Testimonial

"It sounds dramatic, but in all honesty, my life has drastically been changed from working with Michela. When I started seeing Michela I was experiencing such high anxiety and deep depression that I was barely functioning. I saw significant improvement after only a few sessions. I am functioning so much better on a daily basis and I am so grateful for the time Michela has spent working with me."