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What is Neurocounseling?

At Connected Brain Counseling, we offer multiple modalities of counseling for our clients depending on their history and background. One of the modalities we offer is Neurocounseling, counseling informed by QEEG Brain Map data.

Neurocounseling is a rapidly growing technique used in counseling that blends data and educated empathy into one therapeutic approach. Neurocounseling as a modality relies heavily on QEEG Brain Map data to inform therapists of the best approach in treatment for clients. Your therapist will take the data learned from a QEEG Brain Map to help clients who have experienced complex trauma understand how their life experiences have impacted both emotions and behavior, then offer counseling and neurofeedback in a well rounded program to facilitate change.


Not only does QEEG Brain Map data leave clients feeling validated in their natural response to endured trauma, but it helps us understand the ways in which the brain holds on to trauma. Processing these difficult emotions with a licensed therapist who is educated in both your emotional and neurological patterns is proven to be a beneficial approach to mental health treatment. 

Learn more about how neurofeedback and counseling informed by QEEG Brain Maps can facilitate the change you are looking for here

What our clients say

"Michela is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and professional. I've had great experiences with her and Connected Brain Counseling and would highly recommend it for those struggling with anxiety."