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Deepen Your Connection with Couples Brain Mapping

Couple in Love

Understand your partner from the inside, out.

qEEG Brain Mapping is a powerful, non invasive tool to help individuals and couples understand why they think the way they do. For any couple who has felt unheard or misunderstood by their partner - we here you. This one's for you!

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5 Steps to Get Started with Brain Mapping & Neurofeedback

Step 1: Complete a 20-minute phone consultation with one of our two licensed therapists. 

 Step 2: Schedule your QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) Brain Map to measure baseline brainwave patterns and activity that are contributing to your mental health concerns. 

Step 3: Review the QEEG Brain Map data with your clinician. The cost of the QEEG Brain Map includes an hour long data review, where both you and your counselor will be informed of the complex neurofunctioning that makes you, you. This data will help guide your therapeutic process, serving as a reference point as you participate in neurofeedback, talk therapy and other integrative offerings. 

Step 4: You are in the driver's seat. Attend Neurofeedback Sessions, Individual Counseling, Couples/Family Counseling -- or a variety of the bunch! We are here to inform you of options that best support your goals.

Step 5: Mental health is complex. Referrals to other forms of health such as personal training, nutrition consulting, integrative medical doctors and more can all positively impact your health. Take advantage of our partnerships and continue to thrive.

Relationships: What Makes Us Different

We believe in the power of human connection, authenticity, and empirically-based practice. While some mental health clinics operate on a large scale, we understand the importance of one-on-one connection and consistency, which informs our brain mapping, neurofeedback and counseling.


Research shows that building rapport is one of the most important factors to consider in the therapeutic relationship (Arbidto & Rabellino, 2011). Your QEEG, experience in counseling and neurofeedback are no exception. You can expect to work closely with one therapist who knows you well and tracks your progress weekly.

The Connected Brain Counseling  Approach to Women and Trauma

We understand the strength it takes to tell your story. Validation without judgement is a key part of this process. Working with a therapist who not only understands the emotional burden that trauma can cause but also utilizes empirically backed techniques to help you find relief is our specialty.


Our approach capitalizes on the fact that women who have experienced trauma are not broken. Rather, they are in need of the right type of support with gentle encouragement toward a new way of understanding their lived experience. If this sounds like you, click below to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to discuss neurofeedback and counseling options with a licensed therapist. 

Let's Get Started

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