Adult Trauma & PTSD

"Compared with the control group NF produced significant PTSD symptom improvement in individuals with chronic PTSD, as well as in affect regulation capacities."


"A recent systematic review and meta-analysis pooled data across four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in PTSD and revealed a very large effect size for improvement in PTSD symptoms. The studies consistently favored neurofeedback in terms of symptom severity and the number of patients achieving remission (Steingrimsson et al., 2020).


Specifically, PTSD symptoms were reduced by 34-66% in the neurofeedback group but ranged from a reduction of 15% to an increase of 13% in the control groups."


"Neurofeedback has shown promise in alleviating overall PTSD symptoms, including these underlying neurobiological consequences. Successful results have been found among clients with PTSD who have not been responsive to prior treatment modalities."