Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Virtual Counseling

Say goodbye to the commute and hello to your cozy sweatpants.

If you got used to taking all of your appointments from home during COVID, you're not alone. More and more clients are asking for virtual options for counseling - and we get it! There is a lot to be gained from your own home while connecting with a therapist virtually. 

All of our therapists are trained to complete counseling sessions, both individual counseling and couples counseling, virtually. While some clients prefer in person sessions, we understand that others have busy schedules and time commitments outside of therapy that makes staying from home more convenient. If you are interested in inquiring about virtual counseling in the state of Colorado, please submit a contact form here. 

If you are completing sessions from home, the same principles regarding confidentiality and a distraction free space apply. Please make sure that you are completing your session from a computer rather than your phone and that you are fully ready to dive into session on time. We ask that nobody else is in the room with you or can overhear the session to maintain HIPPA compliant confidentiality. 

Unfortunately, we cannot complete Neurofeedback virtually and most products that are on the market for remote neurofeedback do not have the same proven results as having a trained and licensed neurofeedback clinician does.