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Working from Home

Remote Neurofeedback

Connected Brain Counseling is now offering a remote neurofeedback program so you can complete a brain training program from home! Reap the benefits of having an experienced, licensed clinician at your disposal with an advanced system to train from home with an unlimited amount of sessions

For some clients, being in the office holds them accountable to a program while benefitting from direct contact with a licensed therapist. For more complex cases, we recommend clients start an in person neurofeedback program, or a hybrid of at home and in person session. To understand whether you are a good candidate for remote neurofeedback, please schedule a free 20 minute consultation here. 

The ideal candidate for a remote neurofeedback program is:

1. Self Motivated. Neurofeedback requires consistency, so staying on schedule with your remote neurofeedback program is the most important component. 

2. Self Aware. With less clinician contact, the ideal remote neurofeedback candidate is aware of fluctuations in their mood and nervous system. 

3. Patient and ready for change. Neurofeedback in conjunction with talk therapy is our best recommendation for getting momentum in your behavioral health program. If you are looking for a quick fix to mental health issues without doing the work of behavior change, neurofeedback is not a good option for you.

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