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Counseling for Survivors of Trauma

As professional licensed counselors, we want you to know that what qualifies as a PTSD or C-PTSD diagnosis is less helpful to your process of healing compared to the meaning you make of the hardships you have experienced. 

What does this mean? If you feel that an event was traumatic, it was, in fact, traumatic. No diagnosis needed (though we can help you with that, too). Trauma is largely misunderstood in modern society, so Your thoughts fuel your emotions, and your emotions fuel your behavior. Therefore, both your body and brain will process the event you have as though it was traumatic. 

This can look like intense anxiety, flashbacks, ruminating on one topic, detachment, anxious attachment styles, nightmares, insomnia...the list goes on. The way your brain holds onto trauma is both unique to you and deeply impacting. We understand that clients do not talk there way out of experiencing the effects of trauma. 

Our goal as trauma informed therapists is to help you make meaning of the trauma you have experienced in a way that gives you your power back. Trauma inherently disconnects you from yourself, and the process of feeling defined by it can be a lonely one. We want you to know that there is a path to healing, and we're confident in our ability to help. 

We are here and ready to hold your story with grace, gentleness and empowerment together. Ready to get started? Submit a contact form today to see if talk therapy and neurofeedback are good options for your journey to healing. 

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