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Neurofeedback for ADHD + ADD

Neurofeedback as a Treatment Intervention in ADHD: Current Evidence and Practice

"Based on meta-analyses and (large multicenter) randomized controlled trials, three standard neurofeedback training protocols, namely theta/beta (TBR), sensori-motor rhythm (SMR), and slow cortical potential (SCP), turn out to be efficacious and specific."

A randomized-controlled neurofeedback trial in adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

"Results indicate statistically significant improvements in primary and secondary clinical and neurocognitive measures over the training course in both active groups as well as in the semi-active control group. Improvements remained stable 6 months after training, suggesting long-lasting effects."

Neurofeedback as Intervention for ADHD

"There are six partially controlled studies published that examine the effectiveness of neurofeedback as an ADHD intervention (See link below). In a review of the published literature to date, Monastra noted that over the past 25 years, numerous studies have reported benefits from neurofeedback in ADHD."

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