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Empathetic Adult Counseling in Lakewood, CO

Taking that first step toward getting counseling can be scary. It takes vulnerability and facing tough feelings that don’t feel comfortable. However, our non-judgmental approach and warm counselors provide a safe space where you can let go and grow toward a better future. If you live in Lakewood, consider our individual or couples therapy today.


Individual Counseling


Your journey begins by partnering with a compatible therapist that you feel comfortable with. Our counselors really listen to what you have to say and allow you to spread your wings naturally while also providing a structured approach to lend support and direction.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are struggling with; you can expect effective therapy that is based on genuine care and a real connection with your therapist. So, whether you need understanding during a time of loss or you need to find your way out of something traumatic, past or present, we are here to make sure you arrive at a better destination.


Couples Therapy


With the divorce rate spiking after four years of marriage and most couples waiting six years to go to counseling, it’s not difficult to do the math! Many relationships might have been saved had couples chosen therapy before tensions started to leave scars and resentment.


Wherever you are in your relationship, the good news is that Connected Brain Counseling in Lakewood, CO, can improve your skills around attachment, connection, communication, and physical and emotional intimacy from the first session.


You can also look forward to our effective style, which is based on Terry Reals' Relational Life Therapy (RLT), tailor-made sessions, and tools designed to explore and repair your relationship.


Interested? Try a Free Consultation


We are confident that Connected Brain Counseling can help you every step of the way in your healing journey. Book your free consultation session with us today to discover why so many people choose us for an enriching counseling experience.

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