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Individual Therapy

What to Expect

At Connected Brain Counseling, we understand how frustrating a non-directive approach to counseling can be...and simultaneously, how much we just need someone to listen! We pride ourselves on offering a unique style of therapy that is both highly empathetic and backed by science. This blend of emotion and data creates a specialized experience for you to feel heard, experience change and feel confident in your support. 

Getting Started with Therapy 

We suggest that all of our talk therapy clients start out with a QEEG Brain Map (learn more here) to understand how their neurological patterns are contributing to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. We utilize your QEEG Brain Map to best plan for your treatment with us. Whether you are just interested in talk therapy, or if you may be a good candidate for neurofeedback are all pieces of information that are valuable to your mental wellness. From the QEEG Brain Map we are able to view clients in a more holistic, well rounded light that informs your therapists of how to approach counseling with you, and your unique history. 

Modalities of Therapy Used

In counseling, we utilize a rapidly growing modality called neurocounseling (learn more here). In addition to neurocounseling, our therapists pull from a blend of CBT, Inner Child Work, somatic work, narrative therapy and IFS. If you have had experience with one of these modalities in therapy and had success or prefer not to revisit - let us know. Otherwise -- sit back, and enjoy the ride - the modalities are for us to work on, and you to experience.

No Pressure Business Model

If neurofeedback isn't in your sights right now - the pressure is off! We pride ourselves on offering clients all options, minus the sales pitch that you may find at larger neurofeedback clinics. If neurofeedback sparks your interest, learn more here. 

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