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Couples Counseling

Relationships can be messy.

Are you and your partner in a rough patch? Or maybe, over the last handful of years you have felt your relationship drifting further and further apart. 


Fewer intimate late night conversations, more arguments over mundane chores.

Less spontaneous sex, more sleeping back to back.

More talking over each other, less listening to understand.

You coordinate the kids, or weekend plans, or trips back home to see their parents...but the satisfaction isn't quite there.


Couples counseling can help. Couples counseling is also intimidating...we get it. Not only does it require a level of vulnerability with yourself, but now a level of vulnerability in your relationship that may not have existed before. 

And that can be down right frightening! As a human being, you are wired for deep connection with others - especially your partner. It's part of survival. When that connection is threatened by an outside force (hello, therapist asking the tough questions)...many couples choose to not even risk change. For many, a less than favorable routine is safe. And let's be honest, that may be true.

But for you, maybe that isn't enough. You wonder...what if on the other side of the undesirable, yet predictable, routine is...a sense of feeling deeply, completely and wholey loved? Knowing what it feels like for your partner to see you. What if there is a connection you didn't realize you could cultivate without a little bit of a nudge from an unbiased, third party. What if on the other side of change is secure attachment, arms you are excited to hug at the end of a long work day, a relationship your children can watch and envy for themselves one day...the list of possibilities goes on. 

What if on the other side of risking vulnerability, you are able to work toward the relationship you've always deserved, just didn't know quite how to get to?

You've come to the right place. We can help you find the relationship you deserve. Submit a contact form below to schedule a free consultation with a licensed couples therapist today. 

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