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Centennial Counseling

Connected Brain Counseling offers mental health therapy in Centennial, Colorado. We have therapists licensed for individual and couples therapy. Moreover, we present a holistic way to treat mental health challenges like trauma, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and more. 


Our counseling Centennial CO team uses various modalities to help you heal and reach your full potential. Here are the services we offer: 


Individual Counseling


Our excellent licensed therapists at Connected Brain Counseling offer specialized counseling for women and trauma victims. We know that patients usually get intimidated by the thought of having therapy. But trust us — our mental health counseling will change everything. It'll show you an enlightened path you'd love to walk. 


Our therapists are ready to prepare you to deal with challenges such as traumatic experiences, eating disorders, or divorce. The professionals at Connected Brain Counseling are empathetic and gentle with clients. We help you feel safe with us. 


No matter what you're going through, you're not alone. Whether you wish to leave a toxic relationship or manage your anxiety, we'll always be non-judgmental and hear what you have to say. 


Even if you don't wish to leave your home, you can still receive our counseling virtually. Virtual therapy in Centennial allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home and save time. Our expert counseling Centennial CO team is expertly trained in visual sessions and ready to provide an awesome journey. 


Couples Counseling


Connected Brain Counseling also provides counseling to couples searching for deeper fulfillment. Often, couples feel that something is missing in their relationship, and they strongly feel the absence of physical or emotional intimacy with their partner. 


But you're just one step away from the reclaiming your relationships. Break your fear, step out of your comfort zone, and seek professional help from Connected Brain Counseling. Contact us today so our expert couples therapist can help you reconnect with your partner. 

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